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When can my child start swimming?

Your child can start swimming at Lil Aussie Swimstars from 12 months of age and continue through Primary School.

When will my child be able to swim?
This will come with time, practice and confidence in the water.  Your child will be able to swim after learning the basics of water safety and continuing on with the learning of breathing and stroke techniques.

Can I teach my child to swim if I am scared or cannot swim?
Teaching your child to swim is really something that should be done by qualified Austswim accredited swim teachers.  All our swim teachers at Lil Aussie Swimstars are fully qualified and accredited.

What to wear?
The most appropriate form of clothing is swimwear.  Babies are required to wear a swimming nappy until they are fully toilet trained.

When to feed your child?
If you need to feed your child it is best done no less than 30 minutes prior to the swim class.  This is best to avoid any upset tummies!

What can I expect on the first day at Lil Aussie Swimstars?
Expect some fun in the water!  Upon arrival have your child ready in their swimwear and wait for your teacher to call you over for your lesson.

What if my child is ill?
If your child is ill it is best for your child not to go swimming.  If your child has a runny nose and/or cough it is advised that the child not attend until they are feeling well.

What is the make up policy?
Make up lessons will be available upon a current valid Doctor’s Certificate being presented.